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In the present day scenario, where in all the corporates, irrespective of their industry or team size, are challenged with the task of improving systems, processes and personnel to remain competitive in the rapidly changing business environment, Vexil Business Process Services Private Limited offers its clients worldwide a host of services such as ISO Quality Management Systems Certification and Training.

We are a Private Limited Company, promoted by a group of technocrats having vast & rich experience in the management systems certification and training . Our leading-edge ISO certification services & ISO training services are developed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern day businesses. These services enable our customers reap the benefits of ongoing process and performance improvements.

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About us

Vexil: We, at Vexil Business Process Services Private Limited, are in the business of making you a corporate of international stature and your products & services a globally accepted entity. We offer our services in the areas of ISO Quality Management System & ISO Certification Services and ISO Training Services.

Having the desired level of expertise in the variety of industries, we offer our clients a host of ISO certification services that go a long way in improving their bottom lines.

We impart our customers with world class training services, pertaining to almost all the management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 22000, 5-S, Six Sigma etc.

Being a complete solution provider for process and product certification, we have also devised customized courses for lead auditor training.


Lead Auditor Training Courses

Lead Auditor Training Courses

– ISO 9001 Download Brochure
– ISO 14001 Download Brochure
– ISO 45001 Download Brochure
– ISO 22000 Download Brochure
– ISO/ IEC 27001

ISO Training Services

ISO Training Services

We provide Awareness, Implementation and Internal Auditor Trainings for:
– ISO 9001:2015 (Lead Auditor Training Course approved by NBQP)
– ISO 14001:2015 (Lead Auditor Training Course approved by NBQP)
– ISO 45001:2018 (Lead Auditor Training Course approved by NBQP)
– ISO 22000
– ISO 50001
– ISO/TS 16949
– SA 8000
– ISO/IEC 27001
– Automotive Core Tools (APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC & FMEA)
– 5-S, Six Sigma, DOE, SCM and related subjects.
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ISO Management Systems and ISO Certification Services

ISO Management Systems and ISO Certification Services

For Methodology for Certification Process (Click Here)
– ISO Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) –  Vexil Transition policy 9K 2008 to 2015
– Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015) – Vexil Transition policy 14K 2004 to 2015
– Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001:2018) – Transition policy OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 2018
– Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000:2005/ISO 22000:2018)
– Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001:2011/ISO 50001:2018)
– Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
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directory-of-certifications-under-nabcb-accreditation» ACCREDITATIONS RECEIVED
Accredited for QMS Lead Auditor Training from National Board for Quality Promotion Training (NBQP) (Regn. no. LQ1518 112)
India’s first Certification Body for accredited EMS Lead Auditor Training from NBQP accreditation (Regn. no. LE1619 102)
India’s first Certification Body for accredited OHSMS Lead Auditor Training from NBQP Accreditation (Regn. no. LO1821 102)
India’s first Certification Body for accredited FSMS Lead Auditor Training from NBQP Accreditation (Regn. no. LF1316 105)
· National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) Accreditation 

· NABCB Accreditation (Regn. no. QM022) for QMS Certification valid up to 20 June 2020
· NABCB Accreditation (Regn. no. EM008) for EMS Certification valid up to 20 June 2020
· NABCB Accreditation (Regn. no.OHSMS008) for OHSAS Certification valid up to 07 December 2020
· NABCB Accreditation (Regn. no. FSMS011) for FSMS Certification valid up to 21 December 2019
· NABCB Accreditation (Regn. no. EnM002) for EnMS Certification valid up to 28 January 2022
· JAS-ANZ ( Accreditation

· JAS-ANZ Accreditation (Regn. no. S3450306IN) for QMS Certification valid up to 04 August 2018
· JAS-ANZ Accreditation (Regn. no. E3460306IN ) for EMS Certification valid up to 04 August 2018
· JAS-ANZ Accreditation (Regn. no. O3470306IN ) for OHSMS Certification valid up to 04 August 2018

Note: The present scope of JAS-ANZ accreditation covers Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, India, Iraq, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom and United States of America

· Click here for DIRECTORY-OF-CERTIFICATIONS-under-JAS-ANZ-accreditation
· Click here for DIRECTORY-OF-CERTIFICATIONS-under-NABCB-accreditation

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Today, Vexil is a proficient well knit team Certification Body consisting of highly qualified and with varied experience members for Skill Development, Third Party Inspection, Product Certification, Lean Management Consultancy etc in wide range of Industry and Service sectors.

Our auditors have experience of auditing companies of various sizes and complexities in manufacturing as well as service sectors including:

Automotive & engineering
Food & beverages
Chemicals & fertilizers
Plastic & rubber
Printing & publishing
Ceramic & cement
Electrical, electronic & telecommunication
Health care
Banking & finance

Their experience is not confined to domestic territories only but extends to countries like Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore,Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and USA.
We also have a number of leading Professionals & Trainers on our panel.
These courses are specially developed keeping in mind the requirements of the certification as well as the industrial background of the clients. The methodology followed facilitates easy comprehension, effective implementation of the standards in actual practice and ease of legal compliance.

Dr. Vinod K. Jain

Dr. Vinod K. Jain

Managing Director

A Ph.D. in Chemistry & a post graduate in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad. He heads the organization. He has 31 years experience in Standards Formulation, Product Certification, Laboratory Management and Management Systems Certification & Training. He has also worked with Bureau of Indian Standards, The National Standards Body of India. He is lead auditor and lead tutor for ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO/TS 16949. Was responsible for setting up certification business of RWTUV, KPMG and BSI in India.

why us

Our Objective
To offer world class value added Management Systems Certification and Training services in order to meet the needs of organizations in manufacturing as well as service sector.

Our Commitment
We strive to achieve excellence through continual improvement of various business processes. The Vexil BPS team understands your requirements and delivers services to suit your needs.
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Your partners for an enhanced performance and growth by value addition during every interaction.

Our Competence
To best serve your business, certification and improvement needs, we maintain a staff of highest-quality trainers, subject matter experts, customer service specialists, experienced auditors, instructional people and other qualified personnel.

Some of our inherent strengths that have given us a leading edge in this industry are:
Our Training style: Our highly interactive training and teaching sessions & takes participants through various stages of an integrated learning using realistic case study methods. Through workshops, discussions & role plays, the participants are prepared to understand and achieve accelerated learning. Further, the auditor trainings prepare participants to conduct and report on audits against ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and ISO/ IEC 27001.

Our Human Resources: We have a team of seasoned experts and industry specialists who use a systematic approach for designing and developing training solutions. Our staff consists of skilled professionals who represent the best in their fields. They are qualified and prepared to assist you in achieving your business objectives through value addition at every stage.

Our Customer Focus: We prepare customized trainings including auditing courses, keeping in mind the specific industry needs of our clients, their organizational structure, business goals and the requirements. We also customize the existing course materials to the needs of individual organizations and design original programs based on your specialized learning objectives.

Our Activities: We have facilitated many management workshops and trained numerous corporate employees in different businesses. We have also assisted companies throughout the world in achieving the highest quality standards and have imparted the finest training and relevant courses in various management systems.

Our Infrastructure Setup: Being a front-runner in this quality and knowledge savvy industry, we have a modern day set up, equipped with all the latest communication and training facilities. We have all the tools that are required for imparting world class services etc.

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Head Office: 
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Phone No.:011 2384 5001, Fax: 2384 6553+91 9350232711, 9310232711, 9310232714

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